Saturday, 3 October 2015

Wholesale Shipping Boxes: Apparel Boxes

One of the best things about ordering a product online is that you have the option of ordering wholesale.  Unlike retail stores, which have limited, on-site supply, online stores have warehouses full of huge quantities of their product, like wholesale shipping boxes.  When you go to you can check out their options, and then order amounts that will set you at ease for weeks to come.  For instance: apparel boxes.  They come in quantities as low as fifty.  And that’s the low end.  Not only that, there are so many other things that thoughtfully pop up to help with the experience.  You can opt for clothing size labels, or gift wrap, tissue wrap, and ribbon. takes the wholesale experience very seriously.  They offer a ‘whole experience’, from start to finish.  They don’t want you to just stop at wholesale shipping boxes and then have to go somewhere else for the extra details.  They want you to be able to start at their site and end at their site.  Which is a pretty good deal, if you ask me.  Navigating a store is one thing, navigating the entire world wide web is quite another.

Back to the apparel boxes.  There isn’t just one kind of apparel box.  When you are plain t-shirt and jeans type of person, such as myself, you don’t realize the necessity for sizes when it comes to apparel boxes.  A set of stockings would fit better in the white gloss 10 X 7.  This same option would not be acceptable for a gangster suit, which would definitely be better suited (no pun intended) in probably the black pinstripe 19 X 12 X 3.  If you don’t want the glamour of the white gloss boxes, go with the matte finish.  If pinstripe is totally not your style, there is still plain black gloss.  If you are trying to sell belt buckles forged in your own garage, the down-home brown (kraft) boxes would definitely best represent your overall theme. 

If you just won Project Runway (maybe not the international Lifetime show hosted by Heidi Klum herself but the local knock-off contest hosted by your best friend’s mom), you are going to need some wholesale shipping boxes.  As soon as people find out about you they are going to be wanting some of those jumpers that landed you the win.  I can help you with the wholesale shipping boxes part by pointing you to; as far as getting people to find out about you…not so much.

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