Sunday, 27 July 2014

The Importance of Aluminum Foil Tape in Various Industries

Many of us are not aware of the many uses of aluminum foil tape. It can be used in HVAC, electrical, and construction industry. It is also widely used in jobs that require chemical and moisture resistance, flame resistance, thermal conductivity, weather ability, and heat and light reflectance.

Uses of aluminum foil tape
There are various styles of tapes available in the market. This includes line-less, acrylic adhesive, flame resistant aluminum glass tape, and polymer coated tapes. An aluminum foil tape that has acrylic adhesive is used to seal off vapors in sheet metals, fiberglass, and duct board. It is also ideal to use in HVAC system because of its cold water acrylic adhesive that enables the tape to adhere well even during period of high humidity and low temperature. The line-less type of aluminum foil tape is used in refrigeration duct bonding because of its water-based adhesive. Also, it can be used in sealing air duct and joining seams and connections.

The extra thin, aluminum foil tape type is ideal for electronics because it is lightweight and easy to handle. There are high performance tapes available for more demanding applications. These conditions require environmental resistance such as aerospace, construction, appliances, automotive, transportation, and maintenance and repair.

An aluminum foil tape is also used on joints and seams of fiberglass and backed duct board. The tape’s rubber based coat serves as an excellent barrier to avoid vapor. It is also use for covering and shielding thermal insulation. There are brands of aluminum foil that were engineered with a long lasting and pressure sensitive kind of adhesive that exhibits superior bonding even when exposed to elevated or sub-zero temperatures. They enhance appearance and show remarkable flame retardant properties and stay flexible.

Order Your Aluminum Foil Tape Now
You already know the various uses and the importance of aluminum foil tape. It is highly advisable for every household to have aluminum foil in their homes because of its many functions. Thus, we strongly recommend you to order your tape in a trusted distributor which is the They offer different kinds of tapes at very reasonable prices plus, you can make sure that their product is of high quality. You can use it whenever and wherever you need it.

Aside from aluminum foil tape, they also offer other packaging and shipping product such as baskets, foams, bags, envelopes, and others. They have qualified and friendly sales people to assist you and help you get your needs. They provide tapes and other items that are made from high quality materials, their aluminum tape is coated with rubber based adhesive system that conforms well to sheet metal and fibrous ducts, resulting to an amazing vapor seal. It also conforms to round corners and other irregular surfaces. You can visit website or give them a phone call for more details on their tape products and other services offer. There is an equivalent tape for all your sealing needs. 

Tips to Improve Corrugated Cardboard Boxes Manufacturing

Due to the diverse and ever growing demand of the corrugated cardboard boxes, the industry has become very competitive and is enjoying the boom period. Due to the increasing demand of the cardboard boxes, the manufacturers are feeling quite tough to manage the large volumes of order within time. The advent of latest technological equipment has made the manufacturing process easy but at the same time, the standards are also very high. The manufacturers are supposed to deliver flawless and defect-free cardboard boxes which should fulfill all the requirements of the customers.

Following are some of the tips which can ensure quality and state of the art manufacturing of corrugated cardboard boxes:

·         Keep it Clean – It is the first tip which can significantly affect the quality of the manufacturing of corrugated cardboard boxes.  Keep it clean means to keep your manufacturing machinery clean. The older glue pot and wheels have a lot of wear and tear and it always has some glue attached to it if you don’t periodically clean it. This thing can significantly reduce the quality of the glue joints of the cardboard box and they probably won’t last long.
·         Minimize any possible Human Error – The human error from any process can only be controlled to some extent but cannot be eliminated completely. The measurements and dimensions of corrugated cardboard boxes are normally in the hands of the human and it should be carefully adjusted. Any error here can again affect the quality of the cardboard box big time. Remember, this is a time-consuming task and the successful application of this tip requires the manufacturer to critically concentrate on the process. Further, the manufacturer should ideally try to minimize human error by leaving no open space which can degrade the quality.
·         Ensuring Different Quality Parameters of the Cardboard box – The manufacturer should give extreme consideration to the glue joints, folding, and printing of the corrugated cardboard boxes. As the cardboard boxes look very simple from both the customer and manufacturer points of view, so these three parameters discussed above are the pillars of the cardboard manufacturing process. Neglecting any single parameter can compromise the overall quality of the cardboard box.
·         Scrap can blemish the reputation of your company – You should have a proper scrap system and avoid any excess scrap to be part of your manufacturing yard for a long time. For better and satisfactory result, use a scrap or tab removal system which can avert hanging scraps which has not been cut properly in order to ensure quality measures for the manufacturing of corrugated cardboard boxes.
·         Get Rid of Defective pieces before they get loaded in the delivery truck – Make sure that you, as manufacturer, should yourself discard any defective corrugated cardboard boxes which you think are not up to the level of your expectation.

A careful analysis of all these tips would make your realize all the quality factors which can degrade the quality of the corrugated cardboard boxes

Thursday, 24 July 2014

Importance of Wicketed Bread Bags

What are wicketed bread bags? These are polyethylene bags that have two holes punched on their lips. They are stacked and held together by a metal wicket inserted at the lips of the bags. This acts as a dispenser and allows for easily removing individual bags efficiently and quickly, thus increasing production rate. This bag also comes in handy when you want to keep different products, like bread, fresh. The common uses of bags like these are to keep dairy products fresh and to quickly and efficiently pack products for example a line of buns in a high speed bakery.

Compared with a normal plastic bag, the wicketed bread bags also have extra space for holding products. These bags can also be used in automated or semi-automated packing machines like the bag opener. But for manual packing, these are still faster than normal bags because of its clever design and it’s easy to individually remove nature. These bags are very easy to use again and super recyclable. You can recycle this product over and over again, many more times than paper, so when using these bags, you are not damaging the environment. They are not biodegradable which means biological decomposers cannot decompose them and it can be remade into many different shapes without being wasted many times.

“Bread, milk and butter are of venerable antiquity. They taste of the morning of the world.”Leigh Hunt (1784-1859), 'The Seer'.

“Bread is like dressed, hats and shoes -- in other words, essential!" Emily Post

This is how bread was described by some famous writers. Surely, you would want your bread to be fresh and tasty and not only that, you would also want bags that are easy to use so you can pack and produce as many breads as possible and as quickly as possible without packaging being a problem. Keeping bread fresh is very important. If you do not keep bread sealed properly, then molds from the air can come on it and contaminate it. Eating moldy bread can cause food poisoning and many other diseases and symptoms like skin irritation. If the bread is kept in the open air then it becomes dry, and who wants dry bread? Thus, this type of bag increases productivity of a product and efficiency of its packaging by keeping it fresh and extending its life span and by having distinct features that allows for it to be easily used.

Wicketed bread bags come in all shapes and sizes so they can store most types of bread in them. A great online shop to buy wicketed bread bags is Packaging Supplies. They sell these bread bags at an affordable price, the bags are guaranteed to be made of 100%, 1.25 mil, virgin low density polyethylene – which means it is made of new brand new polyethylene, not recycled. They also put a gusset at the bottom of the bag to provide additional space for products. These bags can be closed with staples, ties, tape, or by being heat sealed. This shop generally provides quality products at an affordable price.

Saturday, 14 June 2014

Uses of Tissue Wrap
Tissue wrap is a very common paper that can be easily purchased from the market. It has several uses and it is also preferred by most of the consumers due to its very low prices. They come in different styles, colors, and designs and can match anyone’s domestic or commercial needs. The demand of tissue wraps is almost equal in both the developing and developed countries. The primary reason for such huge demand is its diverse usage in several things.

The ideal and the most frequent use of tissue wrap are for wrapping gifts. The demand of tissue wrap for wrapping gifts is increasing day by day due to the ease of wrapping the gifts and that too at very low cost. Further, the tissue wrap also enhances the value of the gift and make it look more appealing to the person to whom it is gifted. The tissue wraps for wrapping gifts comes in a variety of different colors. The designing and styling of the gift wraps is also given top most consideration. Specially, the gift wraps are prepared for special occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, seasonal festivals, and festivals etc. Thus, it caters for everybody and for every occasion.

One creative use of tissue wrap is to make beautiful flowers. It is a very artistic thing to do and is very commonly done by kids in school and also they are sold in the markets at very reasonable prices. The professionals in the art of making tissue wrap flowers generate handsome revenue and their products are commonly found in the markets of Europe, North America, and China especially. The material needed for making flowers out of tissue wrap just require, tissue wrap, scissor, clips, and fancy wires. It is something that you can easily do at your home as well. You can use them as decoration pieces in your living room, drawing, and also in your bedroom.

One fantastic thing about the tissue wrap is its reusability. You can easily use the used tissue wraps to wrap other gifts or you can utilize it to make stylish and beautiful flowers which you can place in a vase or jar to further enhance its beauty.

If the used tissue wrap doesn’t look neat, fresh, or has got wrinkles on it; then still you can make it as good as the new one to be used again for some other purpose. The first thing you need to have is a paper shredder. Try to make the wrinkled tissue wrap as flat and smooth as possible with your hands. Then fold them good enough to be inserted easily into the paper shredder through the paper slot. When you empty the shredder basket, the tissue wraps will come out as good and fresh as new wraps. You can then utilize them in any way you want to. If they are long or big enough to wrap a gift then you can use it for wrapping. In case the tissue wraps are small, then you can use it to make fancy flowers.

Packaging Supplies is the online spot which provides quality packaging solutions including Tissue Wraps and much more.

Saturday, 31 May 2014

Do-It-Yourself Candy Packaging Design

Candies can be an excellent gift, especially if you are planning on giving them to several people. These treats could also be a great addition for birthday parties or buffet. Of course, these treats should not only taste delicious, it should also look delectable. Listed below are a few candy packaging design ideas to keep your candies in good condition while making sure it looks as mouthwatering as it tastes.

When it comes to shipping candies, the book called “Candy making” stated that they ship well. Sturdy candies can hold their shape without breaking or crushing. However, these treats can also absorb moisture and will eventually be affected by heat; thus, it is very important to consider using high quality packaging materials when you’re putting together your candy packaging designs. Packaging materials can be bought from a trusted and reliable packaging and shipping supplier, such as

·        Conflicting Tastes – You might be thinking of packaging different types of candies together. But before you go through that, you should know that these candies might have conflicting tastes. For instance, if you are packaging peppermint-flavored candies with peanut butter candies, the latter will taste horrible in the long run. If you are looking for candy packaging ideas for different flavors of candies, you should consider packing them in separate containers. Although this could get expensive, there are packaging suppliers, such as, who are willing to offer discounts for wholesale purchases.
·        Packaging Material – Another thing you should know is that there are certain packaging materials that could alter the taste of candies. Have you tried putting candies or chocolates in a cardboard box? After being inside the box for too long, the candies or chocolates might take on the taste of the cardboard. Avoid such scenario at all cost. When considering candy packaging ideas, you should first sample your candies then test different packaging methods. Keep the sample candies in different packaging materials for at least a day then perform a taste test.
·        Festive Presentation – When you’re thinking of candy packaging ideas, you should not forget the design of the packaging material. Of course, you would prefer that the packaging of your candies would match its wonderful taste. There are various ways to add design and flare. For instance, you can add ribbons or you can place the small candies in colorful cupcake liners. You can also ask your packaging supplier what other options they can offer you.
·        Another one of the many candy packaging ideas is to add ice packs when shipping candies that might melt. For instance, if you are thinking of shipping chocolate-based candies, you should add ice packs. Another option is to use a lightweight but festive container, then bring your packaged candy to a UPS store. The store will place additional packaging and appropriate labels for you.

These are just a few candy packaging designs you can use when you’re thinking of shipping candies. Packaging and shipping candies – whether as gifts or for retail, should be considered thoroughly because some candies might be altered in taste or they might melt if the wrong packaging materials are used.

Thursday, 29 May 2014

Chinese Take out Boxes Template for All Your Needs is an online supplier of quality shipping and packaging supplies. They provide solutions for all your packaging and storing needs. They offer various products that aim to protect your valuable items or give you unique food boxes you can use on different occasion. Aside from bubble wraps, shipping envelopes, and cardboard boxes, the company also offers food packaging including Chinese take out boxes template.

What do they offer?
Unlike other Chinese take out boxes template you can see on the internet, Chinese take-outbox has the capacity to retain heat, keeping your food items fresh. These boxes are popular among delis, restaurants, and can be even used for food party favors. It is available in two sizes: 32 oz. and 64 oz. These items can be purchased wholesale. For more of their food packaging, you can visit their website.

Indeed, is a one-stop shop for all our packaging needs. You can find products at lower prices. Hundreds of items including Chinese take out boxes template are included in their online catalog.

Why use Chinese take out boxes?
By using Chinese take out boxes template, we are helping to eliminate the use of plastic bags and foams to store and transport food items. It allows us to serve foods on the go while taking care of our nature and protecting our environment. Manufacturers of Chinese food boxes are now producing biodegradable and recyclable food boxes that make a great alternative to foams.

More than just food containers, Chinese take out boxes template was also largely used in weddings, baby showers, and parties. You can purchase these food boxes in various patterns and colors making it perfect in presenting favors. Thus, it made a creative alternative to the usual party favors and gift boxes.

Chinese take out boxes template can also be used to cleverly package small gifts and edible delights for office events. By just adding some decorative elements to it, your plain Chinese food box can turn into a wonderful favor idea. If you are planning for an oriental theme party, these food containers will definitely enhance the event’s atmosphere. Moreover, it can be used as an emergency plate by just pulling back the glued sides of the box.

With its many uses, purchasing Chinese take out boxes template is considered practical. These boxes are leak proof, suitable for cold and hot food, great for storing leftovers, and are microwave-safe unlike plastic and Styrofoam containers. Aside from being inexpensive, it is also less wasteful compared to other take-out containers.

You can also try downloading free patterns and design of Chinese take-out boxes template online. Create your own party favors by following the instructions on how to make Chinese food containers. There are also lots of instructional videos on YouTube.

All you need are patience, creativity, assorted papers, cardboards, wired or non-wired handles, and free templates to create a wonderful Chinese take out boxes template. Who knows, you might be in the packaging industry someday selling your unique Chinese food containers. 

Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Fun and Practical Snack Bag Ideas

When it comes to packing snacks for your kids, it is very important to make it look appealing and delectable. The snack bags should be as appetizing as the snack itself. If your child thinks that something tastes delicious, they will eat it. Therefore, you need to look for fun and practical snack bag ideas that will wet your child’s appetite.

You have to understand that taste doesn’t solely rely on our taste buds. This is especially true with children. Therefore, you need to be very creative with your snack bag ideas so that your child won’t get bored with seeing the same-looking sandwich bag in his lunch box. So how can you make your child want to eat the snack you prepared for them?

·        Use Colorful Stickers – Have you seen those photos where vegetables and fruits have eyes and mouth? Or the snacks looked cute and appealing? One of the best snack bag ideas is to put sticker faces on a small sandwich bag. Another option is to use a plastic wrap and seal the snack inside. Make sure that the plastic wrap looks smooth and clean. In addition, you should secure the wrap so it won’t come off. After that, you can then place stickers outside the plastic. To make your own stickers, you can purchase a printer-label sheet. As an added tip, make sure that the food or snack has cooled down before packing it.

·        Snack Ice Packs – One of the best snack bag ideas is to make snack ice packs to keep the food cool inside the lunch box. To make one, you just have to drench the clean sponge in water and place it inside a clean zip lock bag. Let it sit in the freezer throughout the night. By morning, you can simply toss the frozen zip lock bag inside the lunch box. This will keep the snack cold. You don’t have to worry about the water leaking out because the sponge will absorb it.

·        Lunch Box Notes – How about you surprise your child with a cool note from you? If you are looking for simple snack bag ideas, why not consider using printable lunch box notes which you can attach to a snack bag or sandwich bag? You can add personalized notes to your child’s lunch box. This will surely brighten your kid’s day. These notes can be attached to sandwich bags, re-usable bags, or lunch boxes.

·        Reusable Snack Bags – If you are looking for sustainable snack bag ideas, you should look into using re-usable snack bags. These bags can be used to pack your kid’s lunch or treats. These bags are sanitary and easy to clean; thus, you won’t have to keep buying disposable snack bags. In addition, re-usable snack bags come in various sizes, styles, colors, and designs. You won’t have to worry about looking for ways to spice up your kid’s snack bags.

These are just a few snack bag ideas you can take into consideration. These tips and tricks are very practical and easy to follow. In addition, your kids will definitely love the extra additions to their otherwise simple lunch box. 

Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Candy packaging Ideas for a Sweet surprise

Loved by every age group, and gifted to our sweet ones alike, candies hold a special spot in one’s heart. The ultimate way of expressing your love, no wonder you see a horde of them during Christmas and valentine. With so much love around, the candies need to be presented in a beautiful way. Sometimes, the candy packaging is more attractive than the candy. Some people save the attractive packaging, and distribute the chocolates, if one is kind of watching one’s weight. There is no definite excuse for not distributing candies. Everyone enjoys receiving gifts and sweets over the holidays and with creative candy packaging ideas, one can add a personal touch to their gift.

You should make sure that your candies or cookies or chocolates or cakes or… well it is getting out of hand here, but you get the point – your delicacies, hours and hours of hard work should look as good as the amount of work put on it. There are many candy packaging ideas that one can utilize. For example, a simple way could be to put your candies in a wooden box covered with a colored paper or you can recycle egg trays by adding a bit of a color and decorate them to arrange your chocolates. You can also fill jar with cookies and tie up a decorative ribbon on the lid. You can stack candies in a pretty saucer or a colorful bowl, thus giving away two gifts as one.

Likewise, competition between candy retailers is constant, and it is important to come up with new candy packaging ideas to attract consumers. Packaging should be quirky, ideal for your brand, and catch one’s eye at a glance. A creative visual design on one’s packaging can make a huge difference while selecting between two or more same products of different brands. There is a reason to why much attention is given to the packaging, children being the main consumers. Not to mention, we adults still have a weakness for the sweet tooth despite of several attempts to curb it, children tend to get attracted to pretty packaging and remain loyal to that brand because of its unique packaging.

Elegant and sophisticated candy packaging ideas are also doing the round while the fun ones being the most popular. There are limitless options to which candy packaging can be given a new face. Colorful designs which capture the user’s imagination are the ones that are most popular. Some creative packaging lures you into temptation.

All you need are a few things such as colorful paper, ribbons, pretty baskets, or containers and can also use festive bags. Adding personal touches like a key chain, a handmade item, or a sewn doll can make your present look more precious. Use old tins to store cookies, spray paint them. Using a Pringles can covered with a scrapbook paper to store your candies, is also a good idea. Either made from simple household items or bought from a store, new candy packaging ideas are always welcome and appreciated by the mass.

Monday, 26 May 2014

General Uses of DVD Packaging Design

There are countless uses of DVD packaging design depending on the customer, the seller, and the supplier. It is the owner of the product who should ensure that the supplier who he chooses to take his product to the market is renowned and reliable. It is the job of the supplier to take the product into the market and then into the hands of customers safe and sound.

·        Safety – DVD packaging design is meant to keep the product safe from shortcomings. It should be made of such materials that can withstand the environmental factors easily. It should resist temperature change to a certain extent. It should provide maximum safety from humidity and light storage conditions. All in all, it should keep the disc lying inside safe so the customer can have a great user experience
·        Longevity – Good DVD Packaging Design also improves the longevity of the DVD so it can be used by the customer as long as he desires. Its hinges should not be prone to shock and stress. The disc should be fixed inside the packaging in such a way that it doesn’t come off accidentally and dangle in the packaging without our knowledge.
·        Attractiveness – Many people are enthusiast collectors of different genres. They don’t buy DVDs for the sake of use but for the sake of collection. DVD Packaging Design should be made of material that it looks appealing to the customer and can look good just by keeping it proudly on the shelf for the user.

·        Product’s Functionality and Design – The first and most important task for the seller is that they should develop such a product on which customers are willing to spend their money on. Functionality is the primary objective for the seller in its product. Design is secondary. People are willing to buy a product if it appears useful despite the design it has. They won’t be willing to spend money on something they think they won’t be able to use no matter how appealing it appears, but it still matters quite much. It is the responsibility of the seller to combine both these factors into the end product so it can maximize sales.
·        Design – The factor which determines sale of similar products. These days, choices for the average customer are increasing. There are many similar products out there at fairly similar price. In the end, it is the design which assures which company’s product will be taken away from the shelves of shops.

·        Reputation – The reputation of DVDs suppliers heavily depends on DVD packaging Design. It is their duty to ensure that the product they are supplying reaches the homes of customers in working condition. Excellent Packaging quality assures them of this task. The product owners are more likely inclined to trust suppliers that are renowned for their efficiency and quality.
·        Quality Over Quantity – Quality is more important than quality. Anything mass produced won’t sell if it doesn’t deliver quality. Good DVD Packaging Design makes sure that the customers get the quality of product they deserve.

The end product should neither hold glitches, nor bugs, so that it provides excellent user experience. Even though it is what inside is what matter, but appearances create the first impression.

Saturday, 24 May 2014

How to Choose a Static Shielding Bag Supplier

When shipping electronic components, it is crucial to protect it from possible damage done by electrostatic discharge. This can be done by wrapping the electronic component with high-quality anti-static bags.

What is an Anti-Static Bag?
An anti-static bag or a static shielding bag is usually made of plastic polyethylene terephthalate. It has a silvery color or it could be colored pink or black due to the polyethylene. If the polyethylene material is used, the anti-static bag may look like foam or a bubble wrap. These bags are the most effective way to prevent electronic components from getting damaged by electrostatic discharge.

If you are in need of a high-quality static shielding bag, it is very important to get it from a trusted and credible packaging and shipping supplier, such as These suppliers offer a wide range of anti-static bag variants which you can choose from. In addition, they also have staff that can help you in choosing the right one. offers not only high-quality packaging and shipping materials but they also have friendly staff who can offer undivided assistance to their customers.

Is the Right Anti-Static Bag Supplier?
·        Does the packaging used by the company match its business image? – If you are choosing a packaging and shipping supplies supplier, you should consider how they pack their items. guarantees that the products they deliver to their customers arrive safely to its destination. The products are safe and secured without any damage during transit. This speaks a lot regarding the packaging and shipping materials they use.
·        Is the company easy to contact? – Nothing is more frustrating for consumers than not being able to reach the company when you need to. Say, for example, if you have questions regarding their static shielding bag, you should be able to immediately talk to a representative of the company. Customers do not want to be entertained by automated voice prompts and transferred to different divisions. offers excellent customer service and this includes ease of contact. Customers can simply visit the online catalog and look for the “Contact Us” option. They have different numbers for different locations so that clients from different areas could easily talk to someone if they have any inquiries.
·        Do the products arrive on time? – A packaging and shipping supplies company should be able to meet deadlines. They should partner with a warehouse. now has an online catalog where their customers can choose from a wide array of packaging and shipping supplies. The online catalog features more than 5,000 packaging supplies- popular and hard to find products. Once the customer places an order, such as an order for static shielding bag, before one o’clock EST, the products are shipped within the same day. This means that the customers will be able to receive the products in a timely manner.

These are just a few questions you need to ask if you are evaluating whether Packaging Supplies is the right supplier for your anti-static bags. This company offers high-quality packaging and shipping materials; thus, you can rest assured that the anti-static bags you purchase from them are thoroughly tested and inspected.

Thursday, 22 May 2014

A Revolution in Shipping of Cool duct tape

The shipping industry has been in a boom like never before. Businesses can never have more of these supplies at any given point of time. They are in need of constant supplies and are willing to buy in volumes, but that doesn’t imply they have to compromise on the quality. If you look at the packaging and shipping process, you will see that the quality of the products is what matters the most. With big names come big responsibilities, and the poor packaging of a product could pass to customer dissatisfaction, which is not anybody wants. A single misuse of cool duct tape could cause some unpleasant situations.

To help you maintain your trust and help to build and maintain your relationship with the customers, Packaging Supplies provides you with the best solution. Experienced in this industry for about10 years, we have already served the majority of high-end brands in retaining their brand value by securing their products. We understand that every product is different and special and are always on your lookout. Be it electronic items which need careful packaging or heavy items such as cars, we have packaging and shipping supplies catering to every need. There is no limit to your order. You can order a small thing as a cool duct tape, zip lock bags, and a large hoard of supplies.

Packaging Supplies can offer their services to small, medium, and large companies. You cannot only place your order through our website, but can also email us or fax us or call us. Packaging Supplies is a member of Better Business Bureau, thereby you can trust that your transactions online are completely original. Our website is secure, it uses Starfield Secure Certification Authority to safeguard your credit card details and personal information. For our customers, Packaging Supplies provides coupons from time to time through email. You can also return your items if you are unsatisfied with it within 30 days to fully redeem your cash. We will also exchange any goods that are damaged and do not charge any extra shipping fee for our mistake.

Packaging Supplies also have items on sale. Packaging and shipping supplies such as bubble wrap, cool duct tape, tape gun plus bonus roll, packing tape, stretch wrap, cardboard box, moving box list, and packing list envelopes for sale. We feature specials or sale items on items that are popular among our packaging and shipping supplies. Our orders typically ship the same day or the day after the order is placed. It takes 2-5 business days for the product to arrive depending on your location. We also offer discount prices for large orders. We always update our website with a large range of products to cater to every need of our customer.

Our main headquarters is located in Cleveland, Ohio and we have expanded our business throughout the United States. We believe in providing the best for our clients. Excellent quality and friendly customer service is what we aim for. So, don’t hesitate to buy your packing needs as small as a cool duct tape.

Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Important Factors to Consider when Choosing Hanukkah Gift Wrap Supplier

Businesses that want to expand need to consider shipping concerns in order to find greater success and prevent losses. They should keep in mind that customers must be provided with items that offer high-quality and superiority in all aspects. As for choosing packing supplies, business owners should carefully prefer a supplier that offers the highest benefits that they can possibly get. These business owners or other customers who are looking to buy Hanukkah gift wrap and other types of shipping covers may want to consider for better results. is a division of Cleveland Packaging, Inc that offers a wide array of shipping, packing, and packaging types over 10,000 items in stock. It has become one of the first online catalogs in the whole shipping supplies industry and continues to be one of the best companies where different businesses can benefit from. It has several distribution centers that are located in Chicago, Cleveland, Dallas, Greenville (SC), Los Angeles, and New York. This company provides packing supplies, such as Hanukkah Gift Wrap, and it has expanded its product line in 1998.

This company also offers numerous packing supplies by categories. Here are the categories of supplies offers:

·        Boxes, shipping envelopes, bags, tape, bubble wrap and foam, mailing tubes, stretch/shrink/poly supplies, protective papers, labels, strapping, CD and DVD packaging, food packaging supplies, and others.

There are major concerns that the customers should be aware of. When looking for a supplier of Hanukkah gift wrap and other shipping types, several things should be well-thought of in order to get the best deal possible. has these important factors for more effective orders.

·        High-quality supplies – This supplier of Hanukkah gift wrap and other shipment supplies focuses on providing superb quality that all types of customers need. Its first-rate items provide the customers more effective supplies.
·        Customer satisfaction – gives its 100% in everything it offers. Thus, it will surely provide the customers they deserve when getting outstanding shipment supplies.
·        Wider selection of supplies – Since this supplier of Hanukkah Gift Wrap and other types of supplies offer several categories, customers have the option to get a better selection.  Thus, they can be able to find the ones that will suit to their needs.
·        Commitment – focuses on commitment when providing items to the customers. The company guarantees its customers the dedication they need for a great supplier.
·        Good reputation – As a member of the Better Business Bureau and has been given an excellent rating, is considered one of the suppliers with good reputation.
·        Reasonable price – This Company gives discount at wholesale prices. It has excellent pricing in all the types its offers.

A lot of things should be considered when it comes to shipping and packaging items. Suppliers of packaging and shipping materials should focus on customer satisfaction. In addition, customers should also give more effort into looking for the right people to deal with. In the packing supplies industry, Packaging Supplies has been one of the best and continues to be at the top. Thus, potential buyers may consider them when getting necessary supplies for their businesses.

Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Common Customer Concerns when Buying Christmas gift wrapping paper

Different packaging styles need different types of materials. When considering the products offered by – a company that provides shipment supplies accessories including but not limited to Christmas gift wrapping paper – several factors should be considered to make sure that the requirements are being met. Thus, potential customers may look for frequently asked questions to be able to gather more information about this supplier.

Whether you’re looking for basic supplies such as Christmas gift wrapping paper or other types of packing supplies, learning more about the different concerns regarding the items sold is a must, to know whether the company offers high quality products. There are several questions that are categorized to address customers’ concerns. They are grouped according to the ordering of the supplies, shipping and delivery, concerns regarding the products, returns and cancellations, and how customers can contact the company for clarifications and inquiries. Here are some of the questions related to the categories:
  • Ordering – The frequently asked questions with regards to ordering supplies include the time span between ordering and receiving the items, minimum purchase order, price for large quantity orders, concerns about buying a partial or broken case, printing catalog, payment options, customer target market, ordering online or through other types of communication, process of order shipping, a copy of invoice or receipt, security of the company website, and redeeming of coupon.
  • Shipping and delivery – Questions in this category include the charge for shipping and tracking of orders.
  • Product questions – As for questions related to providing custom items or sizes, this division of Cleveland Packaging, Inc. that offers a series of packing products, including Christmas gift wrapping paper supplies does not offer customization at the present time. When it comes to getting samples of the items, is happy to offer item samples. However, the availability of the samples is limited due to the large quantity of different items offered in stock. As for the abbreviations such as /bdl, /cs or /rl, they mean per bundle, per case, and per roll.
  • Returns and cancellations – For the return policy, customers can return items within 30 days. Customers may email the company in case the items that arrived are damaged or in case of an error in shipping. Cancelling the orders can be done through email or phone call. However, it may not be possible to cancel because most items are sent right away to the nearest distribution warehouse.

How to contact
Customers may contact the supplier of Christmas Gift Wrapping Paper and other shipment supplies accessories through the company’s customer service located in Cleveland, Ohio. The office is open Monday - Friday (8:00 am - 5:00 pm EST). There is a toll-free phone number that the customers can call to as well as the company’s fax number and email address.

In order to meet different needs, customers should be aware of the factors regarding orders, shipping, policies, and contact information of the company. If you want to transact with Packaging Supplies, one of the famous suppliers of shipment supplies, it is best if you learn more about the company first as well as the different factors involved in ordering packing and shipping supplies. You should address these concerns first to avoid misunderstandings that can lead to major conflicts.  

Monday, 19 May 2014

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