Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Common Customer Concerns when Buying Christmas gift wrapping paper

Different packaging styles need different types of materials. When considering the products offered by PackagingSupplies.com – a company that provides shipment supplies accessories including but not limited to Christmas gift wrapping paper – several factors should be considered to make sure that the requirements are being met. Thus, potential customers may look for frequently asked questions to be able to gather more information about this supplier.

Whether you’re looking for basic supplies such as Christmas gift wrapping paper or other types of packing supplies, learning more about the different concerns regarding the items sold is a must, to know whether the company offers high quality products. There are several questions that are categorized to address customers’ concerns. They are grouped according to the ordering of the supplies, shipping and delivery, concerns regarding the products, returns and cancellations, and how customers can contact the company for clarifications and inquiries. Here are some of the questions related to the categories:
  • Ordering – The frequently asked questions with regards to ordering supplies include the time span between ordering and receiving the items, minimum purchase order, price for large quantity orders, concerns about buying a partial or broken case, printing catalog, payment options, customer target market, ordering online or through other types of communication, process of order shipping, a copy of invoice or receipt, security of the company website, and redeeming of coupon.
  • Shipping and delivery – Questions in this category include the charge for shipping and tracking of orders.
  • Product questions – As for questions related to providing custom items or sizes, this division of Cleveland Packaging, Inc. that offers a series of packing products, including Christmas gift wrapping paper supplies does not offer customization at the present time. When it comes to getting samples of the items, PackagingSupplies.com is happy to offer item samples. However, the availability of the samples is limited due to the large quantity of different items offered in stock. As for the abbreviations such as /bdl, /cs or /rl, they mean per bundle, per case, and per roll.
  • Returns and cancellations – For the return policy, customers can return items within 30 days. Customers may email the company in case the items that arrived are damaged or in case of an error in shipping. Cancelling the orders can be done through email or phone call. However, it may not be possible to cancel because most items are sent right away to the nearest distribution warehouse.

How to contact PackagingSupplies.com?
Customers may contact the supplier of Christmas Gift Wrapping Paper and other shipment supplies accessories through the company’s customer service located in Cleveland, Ohio. The office is open Monday - Friday (8:00 am - 5:00 pm EST). There is a toll-free phone number that the customers can call to as well as the company’s fax number and email address.

In order to meet different needs, customers should be aware of the factors regarding orders, shipping, policies, and contact information of the company. If you want to transact with Packaging Supplies, one of the famous suppliers of shipment supplies, it is best if you learn more about the company first as well as the different factors involved in ordering packing and shipping supplies. You should address these concerns first to avoid misunderstandings that can lead to major conflicts.  

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