Saturday, 3 October 2015

Wholesale Shipping Boxes: Apparel Boxes

One of the best things about ordering a product online is that you have the option of ordering wholesale.  Unlike retail stores, which have limited, on-site supply, online stores have warehouses full of huge quantities of their product, like wholesale shipping boxes.  When you go to you can check out their options, and then order amounts that will set you at ease for weeks to come.  For instance: apparel boxes.  They come in quantities as low as fifty.  And that’s the low end.  Not only that, there are so many other things that thoughtfully pop up to help with the experience.  You can opt for clothing size labels, or gift wrap, tissue wrap, and ribbon. takes the wholesale experience very seriously.  They offer a ‘whole experience’, from start to finish.  They don’t want you to just stop at wholesale shipping boxes and then have to go somewhere else for the extra details.  They want you to be able to start at their site and end at their site.  Which is a pretty good deal, if you ask me.  Navigating a store is one thing, navigating the entire world wide web is quite another.

Back to the apparel boxes.  There isn’t just one kind of apparel box.  When you are plain t-shirt and jeans type of person, such as myself, you don’t realize the necessity for sizes when it comes to apparel boxes.  A set of stockings would fit better in the white gloss 10 X 7.  This same option would not be acceptable for a gangster suit, which would definitely be better suited (no pun intended) in probably the black pinstripe 19 X 12 X 3.  If you don’t want the glamour of the white gloss boxes, go with the matte finish.  If pinstripe is totally not your style, there is still plain black gloss.  If you are trying to sell belt buckles forged in your own garage, the down-home brown (kraft) boxes would definitely best represent your overall theme. 

If you just won Project Runway (maybe not the international Lifetime show hosted by Heidi Klum herself but the local knock-off contest hosted by your best friend’s mom), you are going to need some wholesale shipping boxes.  As soon as people find out about you they are going to be wanting some of those jumpers that landed you the win.  I can help you with the wholesale shipping boxes part by pointing you to; as far as getting people to find out about you…not so much.

Custom Shipping Bags, Bags, and more Bags!

Have you ever heard of dunnage bags?  If you are like me, just an average everyday laymen, you probably haven’t.  It turns out that dunnage bags are used to stabilize loads.  Allow me to explain.  If you have some pallets of stuff that need to be delivered, but you don’t have enough to make sure that everything stays good and tight, and that nothing knocks into each other or shifts about, you would use dunnage bags.  I don’t know why they have to be called dunnage bags, and why they can’t just be called bumper bags, because they are exactly like the bumpers at the bowling alley, and they more or less do the same job.  However, the nifty thing about these clever contraptions, found under custom shipping bags at, is that they are made out of plastic and not vinyl, so they weigh less, which means that someone is going to save some money.  Offered in many different shapes and sizes, the only accessory you need is an inflator gun.  If you think you may not need an inflator gun, let me put it this way: 30 seconds by inflator gun or 3 days by mouth.  Take your pick. 

If you are looking for some other kind of custom shipping bags, look no further.  Have you finally opened up that cigarette shop you’ve been dreaming of starting?  Look through the paper shopping bags, a classy version of the plastic kind, because you want to be able to put those little sacks of tobacco and papers in a bag that won’t crush them and will give people a bit of an ego boost at the same time.  There are frosted merchandise bags, so you can make up sample sacks.  Frosted shopping bags, frosted eurototes, paper eurototes… basically offers any kind of custom shipping bags you could possibly need or ask for.

What are the odds that you would need some bin liners?  Or some ice bags?  Do you own your own newspaper?  Do you own a dry-cleaning store?  Do you run a bakery? has all of these custom shipping bags: newspaper bags, garments bags, bread bags.  If you aren’t in need of the actual bags, consider some of the accessories, like the bag dispenser stand, or the bag sealer, or packing list envelopes or even foam pouches.  On the off chance that you aren’t interested in all of this newfangled material, you can order yourself some plain old, straight-up garbage bag liners and save yourself a trip to the store. 

Tuesday, 29 September 2015

When Cardboard Boxes Are for Sale the Opportunities Are Endless

“Step right up, step right up!  Offering cardboard boxes for sale here at a killer price!  Take a moment to look over our fabulous selection.  We offer anything you could possibly want!”  That is what it would sound like if you went to market and someone had a stand with cardboard boxes for sale.  Thankfully, doesn’t need to scream at you while also trying to look down your shirt.  They can be classy about what they have to offer.    

What do I need with cardboard boxes, you may ask.  I’m not moving, you may add on.  I understand.  But at it’s not just cardboard boxes for sale.  Sure, there are shipping cartons but there are also jewelry boxes.  There are moving boxes but also tie boxes.  There are file storage boxes but also cake boxes.  You may find yourself in need of some boxes with clear lids, which you can definitely find wholesale.  You may realize that you got everyone you know a t-shirt from Daytona Bike Week and so you need some gift boxes en masse. 

It’s about time that you opened up that bakery you’ve always wanted to open. offers cake boxes: short and long for sheet cakes, or ones with a window for when you want everyone to see how cute it is without sticking their fingers in it.  There are bakery boxes for everything from cupcakes to cannolis, and donut boxes for those classic rings of gluttony.  Do I even need to mention that they come in all shapes and sizes?  Perhaps I do.  They come in all shapes and sizes!  There are now no more excuses for why Betty’s Baked Goods isn’t springing up all over the country (or at least why you haven’t started a Facebook page).

When I need cardboard boxes I don’t go to some over-zealous creep hawking his wares on the street corner.  I want to go to a reputable business, with a clean and user-friendly website, and I want to be able to see exactly what I’m getting.   I want to be able to click and muse, and click back and muse some more.  I want to fill up that shopping cart with stackable corrugated bin boxes and 2-piece candy boxes.  No wait- business card boxes and… silverware boxes?  Why would anyone individually wrap a knife or a tablespoon?  That’s not the point.  The point is that you can if you want to.  Thanks,, for having cardboard boxes for sale.

Friday, 25 September 2015

Cardboard Shipping Boxes: Fun for Everyone

Cardboard shipping boxes, although most widely used for shipping items, can come in handy for many other things.  The next time you Amazon Prime a box of cinnamon pop tarts (no frosting) to your house without even changing your whitie tighties, remember to hold onto that cardboard piece of gold.  You never know when you are going to need it again.  One of the biggest mistakes I’ve ever made was throwing away the pile of cardboard shipping boxes I received after my mother in law hosted a “baby shower by mail” for my husband and I.  Learn from me my friends.

Cardboard shipping boxes are fun for everyone.  They can be reused by the kids for all of their make believe fun.  My nephew uses cardboard shipping boxes to create different rocket ships.  It is actually quite impressive. He entertains himself for hours; not with expensive toys, but with a few boxes and a pack of markers.  They can also be reused by the family cat.  I mean, if you have even the slightest sense of humor you have probably come in contact with a few YouTube videos that highlight the funny things cats do.  One thing they are super good at is hiding.  Forget spending a bunch of money on a “cat playground” and just put some catnip in a leftover cardboard shipping box so Oreo can have some good old fashioned feline fun.  Not only are cardboard shipping boxes fun for the youngsters and pets, but they can also be reused by the adults for things such as moving, transporting items, and storage.  In the end when you are all finished you can recycle to do your part in keeping mother earth clean.

Although you may get cardboard shipping boxes from your Amazon Prime purchases, they may not always be the size that you need and/or want.  Head to for a wide variety of cardboard shipping boxes; brown, white, corrugated, standard, and heavy duty.  You can also select from multi-depth boxes and hazardous material boxes.  Whatever your cardboard shipping box need is, you will find it on  98% of their items are in stock and ready to go, so place your order before 1PM EST and it will be shipped out the same day.  They will also price match or beat anything you find elsewhere, so rest assured you will never overpay for a cardboard shipping box.  Head to for your next move, storing needs, or even so little Johnny can go to outer space. 

Wednesday, 23 September 2015

The Many Uses of Large Cardboard Boxes

Large cardboard boxes come in handy on so many different occasions. An obvious one is when you are planning a big move.  It makes no sense to have 500 small boxes when you can condense your item into 50 large cardboard boxes.  You can also use larger boxes for storing items in storage units if you are inclined to make rash decisions like my husband and I and move into a house with half as much square feet as you are used to.  You can also use them to ship big items such as that large puppy stuffed animal your new nephew has been wanting or even a big box of hand me downs to your skinnier little sister.

Besides these more widely used methods of utilizing large cardboard boxes, you can get even more creative.  The other day I drove past a lemonade stand.  First of all, if you are the type of person who looks the other way and keeps going past the lemonade stand, shame on you.  We were all small children at one point and remember what it was like to think $5 was a ton of money.  And how exciting it was to serve random people refreshing lemon beverages on a hot summer day.  I may or may not be the person who drives past lemonade stands, but if I do it is because I don’t have cash on me, so there.  Anyways, the lemonade stand was made out of a cardboard box! I thought it was genius. The kids had it tilted over so they could store their supplies in the box and use the top side of it to serve the lemonade.  Genius I tell you. My cousin also literally created a television out of a box when he was a kid and would practice ‘broadcasting the news’.  Cats also love empty large cardboard boxes, so grab little Whiskers and set him in front of the open box of opportunities and he will feel like a kid at an amusement park.

Whatever your use is for a large cardboard box, make sure you are using one that is made from high quality materials and do not spend an arm and a leg to do so. is an online retailer featuring over 5,000 unique and hard to find packing and shipping supplies.  They just so happen to specialize in the area of large cardboard boxes, and you can choose from multiple types, colors, and sizes.  Whether you are moving, selling lemonade, or own a furry feline, you do not have to break the bank to get high quality cardboard boxes.

Friday, 18 September 2015

Where to Purchase Bin Liners

If you are in the packing and shipping industry, or know someone who is, or have ever received a package, or are a human being that breathes air, than you understand why bin liners might be a useful tool when shipping items.  Bin liners are plastic bags designed to line the inside of boxes to protect from dust, insects, and especially from moisture.  As most of you know, cardboard is not waterproof.  If you add enough moisture to cardboard, you are going to end up with a pulpy mess.  Although there are stronger forms of cardboard boxes out there that do a better job at resisting moisture (i.e. corrugated boxes aka gaylords), I have yet to see a full on water proof version.  This is why bin liners are useful, especially when mailing items such as beverage containers.  What happens if for whatever reason the contained beverage comes loose?  Without a bin liner you could have a real mess on your hands.  What happens if a small mouse chews his or her way through the bottom corner?  A bin liner would add extra protection to keep that little guy or gal from full on making a home inside that box full of goods.  And what about dust build up?  With bin liners, forget it.  The dust does not stand a chance.

Where do you purchase bin liners?  If I were asked today to go out and find a bin liner, I would probably twiddle my thumbs for a solid 5 minutes while I thought really hard.  I would then grab a turkey sandwich, because sometimes my brainpower is better if I am chewing simultaneously.  On the last bite of my sandwich, I would then deliberate between making a second sandwich or saving myself the calories and just asking my good friend.  My good friend, just so you guys know, is basically everyone’s good friend.  His name is Google.  Google would then tell me the best, most affordable place I could either physically go to or what site to visit in order to purchase bin liners.

Two sandwiches deep I decided to take the plunge for you guys.  Google, as usual, did not let me down.  Siri, on the other hand, is a constant disappointment. She is part of the reason why I have trust issues, but thats besides the point.  Google led me to an awesome site called  The site is an online retailer featuring over 5,000 unique and hard to find packing and shipping supplies, including bin liners.  The best part is is that they are affordable without compromising on quality.  You can order in bulk to cut down on cost, and choose from over 75 different sizes.  In this situation, size does matter folks.  So make sure you choose the proper size bin liner for your gaylord, and protect those goods during shipping with quality bin liners from

Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Where to Purchase the Best Packaging Material

When it comes to getting your hands on some bubble wrap or even gift bags, where do you go?  Most of us head to places like Office Max or Target.  When we are there, not only do we pick out things that appear to be grossly overpriced (it is most likely because they are), but we also end up buying a whole lot of other crap we do not need.  Can I get an Amen?  Come on, I know you can relate to me on this one.  Just the other day I went to Target because it is so darn close to my house.  All I needed was a roll of foil.  That is it.  When I was there, I first got distracted in the swimsuit aisle, followed by the baby section (I have a 1 year old little girl who is extremely fun to decorate with dresses and hair bows), and lastly I ended up smelling just about every candle in the store.  I ended up spending $56, and when I got home to unload all of my things I realized that I did not even get the stupid roll of foil.  All of their red sticker sale tags and bright and shiny objects grabbed my attention and made me completely forget about the task on hand.  In the end I had to bake my potatoes sans foil, had a bunch of extra stuff I did not need, and a little less money in my bank account.  Annoying.

Have you ever thought about shopping online for things like packaging material?  Perhaps it is not because you have no self-control inside indoor retailers like I do, but it is merely the convenience factor.  We do not all have time to waste an hour of our day running in and out of the store.  Most people have jobs, homes to tend, families to feed, pets to walk, and so forth.  Shopping online is hugely convenient for the average American.  And is an excellent online retailer where you can shop from over 5,000 unique and hard to find packaging material.  No need to be concerned about the quality, because 100% customer satisfaction is their goal.  98% of their items are in stock and ready to ship, so place your order before 1PM EST, and it will be sent out the same day.  Do not overspend on items like moving boxes, packaging tape, and bubble mailers.  Head to for good quality and affordable packaging material

Friday, 11 September 2015

Plastic Corner Protectors for Double Stacked Pallets

When you are dealing with shipping pallets that are stacked high, it is wise to use plastic corner protectors.  Kind of like a good bra, they provide that little extra support that is needed.  Without them you will most likely have edges of the boxes, especially the ones down low, that are sagging in due to all of the weight placed on top of them.  No pun intended.  Your once cube shaped box will look more like an oblong, irregular looking box.  Again, no pun intended. It will not look good when you go to deliver, and who knows what the status of the items inside will be. 

You can apply plastic corner protectors to boxes being stacked as well as the boxes on the top that will be secured with the strap.  Not only will the protectors aid in supporting the boxes below due to applied weight, they will also keep the strap in place to keep the items from shifting during transit.  You can purchase plastic corner protectors from a site called Order in packs of 1,000 and choose between two different sizes: 1 7/8”  x 1” for 3/4’ strapping and 2 1/2” x 1 3/4” for 1-1/4” strapping. They are priced at $51.25 and $60.05 respectively.   There is a chance you could qualify for a discount if you are ordering in even higher qualities.  You will have to call the customer service line in order to find out.  Not to worry, for they are super friendly folks.  Call anytime between 8a-5p M-F.  Keep in mind they are in Ohio, so they are on Eastern time.  They will be happy to try and help you get a discount, as well as help you out with any other questions you may have. sells more than just plastic corner protectors, so if you are in need of any other packing or shipping supplies it is definitely the site to be on.  Choose from over 5,000 hard to find and unique packing and shipping supplies. 98% of their items are in stock and ready to go, so place your order before 1PM EST, and it will be shipped out the same day.  Does not get much better than that! So do your pallets a favor and show them a little support with plastic corner protectors. Just like your back would at the end of a long day for wearing a bra, so will your customers when their goods arrive in good condition. 

Thursday, 10 September 2015

Importance of Using Pallet Covers

If you are in the packing and shipping industry, then you recognize just how important the use of pallet covers are in order to protect the goods being shipped.  Pallet covers provide protection from the elements so your items are not soaking wet when they arrive, covered in snow, discolored from the sun, or covered in bugs or dust.  The supplier will have to reship an order for damaged goods and will ultimately lose money.  The receiver will be frustrated due to a lack of product which will result in them most likely losing money as well due to a delay waiting on reorder. 

Say you work at Costco and you are in charge of placing orders of the beverages: La Croix, Coca-Cola, Starbucks Frappuccinos, etc.  These are all packaged drinks that arrive on pallets.  Sure the sun and rain would not do too much damage.  However, what if the shipment was made in the dead of summer and the driver had to meander through dusty trails to get the shipment to its final location? If when you received your order of beverage stacked pallets, and they were covered in dust, wouldn’t you be upset?  You would now spend the rest of your day cleaning off the beverage packs, because who on earth is going to purchase a dusty pack of Diet Coke?  The supplier might argue that the item is not damaged since it was only covered in a layer of dust, so you are the one $h*t out of luck all because they chose not to use pallet covers.  If you happen to be a person who places large orders of things that arrive on pallets, perhaps it is a smart idea to find out prior to shipment if the items will be arriving safely protected by pallet covers.

If the distributing company is wise, they will protect their goods being sent through the use of pallet covers.  They can purchase them at affordable prices, in many dimensions at  They come in roll form, with perforated edges to easily tear each bag off the roll.  The best part about the site is that 98% of their items are in stock and ready to ship.  If you place your order before 1 PM EST, it will be shipped out same day.  So heed some advice, my friends, and make sure that your goods are being protected from pallet covers, whether you are on the sending or receiving end.

Friday, 4 September 2015

The Various Types of Cheap Bubble Mailers

 Bubble mailers come in all shapes, sizes, and colors.  When I think of bubble mailers, one picture comes to mind.  It is roughly the size of a standard textbook, the color of mac n’ cheese, and it is lined with bubbles on the inside.  It has a little peel tab that secures an adhesive material in order to seal the mailer closed.  When I came upon a site called, I discovered that there is far more to the average bubble mailer.  There are so many different types.  And cheap bubble mailers at that.  I have never seen more affordable prices than those of the packing and shipping supplies on this site. offers multiple types of cheap bubble mailers: kraft, white, white poly, and decorative.  The kraft bubble mailers are the most similar to the image most familiar in my mind.  You can choose from 11 different sizes, and they are all self seal mailers.  They are each lined with 3/16” thick bubbles to protect your precious items from damage during shipment.  The kraft part of the title must refer to their nice shade of cheesy yellow.  Although I just made that up and that is probably not accurate, I like to think of it that way.  The white bubble mailers are the exact same thing as the kraft, however they do not make you think of Cheez-Its when you look at them.  The white poly mailers have a water proof and tear proof exterior.  So in case you never knew, there are water proofed bubble mailers.  Take that tropical storm Erika!  Last but not least, the site offers decorative bubble mailers.  Spice up your package to match the holiday or season, or even give someone a good laugh with the Emoji decorative bubble mailer.

The important aspect of the various types of bubble mailers is to choose the one that best suits the product you are shipping.  If it is an electronic, you probably want to go for the white poly mailer.  If it is a gift, spring for the decorative mailer.  Whatever need you have, can fulfill it with their wide selection of cheap bubble mailers.  Head there now to check out the options as well as find any other packing and shipping item you may need.  Order before 1PM EST, and your shipment will be made the same day.

The Various Uses of Anti Static Bubble Wrap

Anti static bubble wrap.  Normal bubble wrap, but with anti static qualities.  The anti static qualities form a protectional cage around the object being packaged to ward off any damage caused by static electricity.  It is typically pink in color, and can be found at various in stores and online retailers.  However, anti static bubble wrap is not used primarily for protecting electronics alone.  Bubble wrap in general is used for so many things.  If you are going to use bubble wrap as a stress reliever or a solid hour of fun for the kiddos, why not go the extra step and use the anti static stuff?  This way no one comes away with a shock or random hairs standing straight up.

People have gotten extremely creative in their use of bubble wrap.  You can use bubble wrap to protect items during transportation, such as the corners of a table when moving it out of one place, onto a truck, and into a new place.  You can attach it to doorways and walls as well to keep them from getting scuffed when moving large objects. As crazy as this sounds, some people even use it for insulation to keep rooms warm.  This seems to be more popular in an office or business space, as I have yet to walk into a friend’s house with bubble wrap adorned walls.  However, it makes sense, because when bubble wrap was originally created it was used as greenhouse insulation.  It is clear, so it will not block out the beautiful sun that keeps your seasonal depression from getting out of hand on a cold wintery day.   Bubble wrap is used to protect items during storage as well, not just during shipment. You never know what little critters might be exploring the walls of your storage facility, and its safe to go the extra mile to keep your precious fine china from Grandma Sue from being spilled out onto the ground into a million pieces.

Bubble wrap apparently also produces an interesting appearance on the wall when it is used as a sponge to apply paint.  You never know, you could be the next Leonardo DaVinci, bubble wrap style.  Head to to choose from all types of bubble wrap, including anti static bubble wrap.  You can select from multiple bubble sizes, length sizes, and whether your rolls come in a self dispensing box, standard size, or giant size.  Order before 1PM EST, and your shipment is sent out the same day.  So the next time you have a creative itch you need to scratch, try inventing a new use for bubble wrap and get the most affordable selection from Packaging Supplies.