Tuesday, 29 September 2015

When Cardboard Boxes Are for Sale the Opportunities Are Endless

“Step right up, step right up!  Offering cardboard boxes for sale here at a killer price!  Take a moment to look over our fabulous selection.  We offer anything you could possibly want!”  That is what it would sound like if you went to market and someone had a stand with cardboard boxes for sale.  Thankfully, PackagingSupplies.com doesn’t need to scream at you while also trying to look down your shirt.  They can be classy about what they have to offer.    

What do I need with cardboard boxes, you may ask.  I’m not moving, you may add on.  I understand.  But at PackagingSupplies.com it’s not just cardboard boxes for sale.  Sure, there are shipping cartons but there are also jewelry boxes.  There are moving boxes but also tie boxes.  There are file storage boxes but also cake boxes.  You may find yourself in need of some boxes with clear lids, which you can definitely find wholesale.  You may realize that you got everyone you know a t-shirt from Daytona Bike Week and so you need some gift boxes en masse. 

It’s about time that you opened up that bakery you’ve always wanted to open.  PackagingSupplies.com offers cake boxes: short and long for sheet cakes, or ones with a window for when you want everyone to see how cute it is without sticking their fingers in it.  There are bakery boxes for everything from cupcakes to cannolis, and donut boxes for those classic rings of gluttony.  Do I even need to mention that they come in all shapes and sizes?  Perhaps I do.  They come in all shapes and sizes!  There are now no more excuses for why Betty’s Baked Goods isn’t springing up all over the country (or at least why you haven’t started a Facebook page).

When I need cardboard boxes I don’t go to some over-zealous creep hawking his wares on the street corner.  I want to go to a reputable business, with a clean and user-friendly website, and I want to be able to see exactly what I’m getting.   I want to be able to click and muse, and click back and muse some more.  I want to fill up that shopping cart with stackable corrugated bin boxes and 2-piece candy boxes.  No wait- business card boxes and… silverware boxes?  Why would anyone individually wrap a knife or a tablespoon?  That’s not the point.  The point is that you can if you want to.  Thanks, PackagingSupplies.com, for having cardboard boxes for sale.

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