Friday, 11 September 2015

Plastic Corner Protectors for Double Stacked Pallets

When you are dealing with shipping pallets that are stacked high, it is wise to use plastic corner protectors.  Kind of like a good bra, they provide that little extra support that is needed.  Without them you will most likely have edges of the boxes, especially the ones down low, that are sagging in due to all of the weight placed on top of them.  No pun intended.  Your once cube shaped box will look more like an oblong, irregular looking box.  Again, no pun intended. It will not look good when you go to deliver, and who knows what the status of the items inside will be. 

You can apply plastic corner protectors to boxes being stacked as well as the boxes on the top that will be secured with the strap.  Not only will the protectors aid in supporting the boxes below due to applied weight, they will also keep the strap in place to keep the items from shifting during transit.  You can purchase plastic corner protectors from a site called Order in packs of 1,000 and choose between two different sizes: 1 7/8”  x 1” for 3/4’ strapping and 2 1/2” x 1 3/4” for 1-1/4” strapping. They are priced at $51.25 and $60.05 respectively.   There is a chance you could qualify for a discount if you are ordering in even higher qualities.  You will have to call the customer service line in order to find out.  Not to worry, for they are super friendly folks.  Call anytime between 8a-5p M-F.  Keep in mind they are in Ohio, so they are on Eastern time.  They will be happy to try and help you get a discount, as well as help you out with any other questions you may have. sells more than just plastic corner protectors, so if you are in need of any other packing or shipping supplies it is definitely the site to be on.  Choose from over 5,000 hard to find and unique packing and shipping supplies. 98% of their items are in stock and ready to go, so place your order before 1PM EST, and it will be shipped out the same day.  Does not get much better than that! So do your pallets a favor and show them a little support with plastic corner protectors. Just like your back would at the end of a long day for wearing a bra, so will your customers when their goods arrive in good condition. 

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