Friday, 4 September 2015

The Various Uses of Anti Static Bubble Wrap

Anti static bubble wrap.  Normal bubble wrap, but with anti static qualities.  The anti static qualities form a protectional cage around the object being packaged to ward off any damage caused by static electricity.  It is typically pink in color, and can be found at various in stores and online retailers.  However, anti static bubble wrap is not used primarily for protecting electronics alone.  Bubble wrap in general is used for so many things.  If you are going to use bubble wrap as a stress reliever or a solid hour of fun for the kiddos, why not go the extra step and use the anti static stuff?  This way no one comes away with a shock or random hairs standing straight up.

People have gotten extremely creative in their use of bubble wrap.  You can use bubble wrap to protect items during transportation, such as the corners of a table when moving it out of one place, onto a truck, and into a new place.  You can attach it to doorways and walls as well to keep them from getting scuffed when moving large objects. As crazy as this sounds, some people even use it for insulation to keep rooms warm.  This seems to be more popular in an office or business space, as I have yet to walk into a friend’s house with bubble wrap adorned walls.  However, it makes sense, because when bubble wrap was originally created it was used as greenhouse insulation.  It is clear, so it will not block out the beautiful sun that keeps your seasonal depression from getting out of hand on a cold wintery day.   Bubble wrap is used to protect items during storage as well, not just during shipment. You never know what little critters might be exploring the walls of your storage facility, and its safe to go the extra mile to keep your precious fine china from Grandma Sue from being spilled out onto the ground into a million pieces.

Bubble wrap apparently also produces an interesting appearance on the wall when it is used as a sponge to apply paint.  You never know, you could be the next Leonardo DaVinci, bubble wrap style.  Head to to choose from all types of bubble wrap, including anti static bubble wrap.  You can select from multiple bubble sizes, length sizes, and whether your rolls come in a self dispensing box, standard size, or giant size.  Order before 1PM EST, and your shipment is sent out the same day.  So the next time you have a creative itch you need to scratch, try inventing a new use for bubble wrap and get the most affordable selection from Packaging Supplies.

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