Thursday, 10 September 2015

Importance of Using Pallet Covers

If you are in the packing and shipping industry, then you recognize just how important the use of pallet covers are in order to protect the goods being shipped.  Pallet covers provide protection from the elements so your items are not soaking wet when they arrive, covered in snow, discolored from the sun, or covered in bugs or dust.  The supplier will have to reship an order for damaged goods and will ultimately lose money.  The receiver will be frustrated due to a lack of product which will result in them most likely losing money as well due to a delay waiting on reorder. 

Say you work at Costco and you are in charge of placing orders of the beverages: La Croix, Coca-Cola, Starbucks Frappuccinos, etc.  These are all packaged drinks that arrive on pallets.  Sure the sun and rain would not do too much damage.  However, what if the shipment was made in the dead of summer and the driver had to meander through dusty trails to get the shipment to its final location? If when you received your order of beverage stacked pallets, and they were covered in dust, wouldn’t you be upset?  You would now spend the rest of your day cleaning off the beverage packs, because who on earth is going to purchase a dusty pack of Diet Coke?  The supplier might argue that the item is not damaged since it was only covered in a layer of dust, so you are the one $h*t out of luck all because they chose not to use pallet covers.  If you happen to be a person who places large orders of things that arrive on pallets, perhaps it is a smart idea to find out prior to shipment if the items will be arriving safely protected by pallet covers.

If the distributing company is wise, they will protect their goods being sent through the use of pallet covers.  They can purchase them at affordable prices, in many dimensions at  They come in roll form, with perforated edges to easily tear each bag off the roll.  The best part about the site is that 98% of their items are in stock and ready to ship.  If you place your order before 1 PM EST, it will be shipped out same day.  So heed some advice, my friends, and make sure that your goods are being protected from pallet covers, whether you are on the sending or receiving end.

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