Friday, 4 September 2015

The Various Types of Cheap Bubble Mailers

 Bubble mailers come in all shapes, sizes, and colors.  When I think of bubble mailers, one picture comes to mind.  It is roughly the size of a standard textbook, the color of mac n’ cheese, and it is lined with bubbles on the inside.  It has a little peel tab that secures an adhesive material in order to seal the mailer closed.  When I came upon a site called, I discovered that there is far more to the average bubble mailer.  There are so many different types.  And cheap bubble mailers at that.  I have never seen more affordable prices than those of the packing and shipping supplies on this site. offers multiple types of cheap bubble mailers: kraft, white, white poly, and decorative.  The kraft bubble mailers are the most similar to the image most familiar in my mind.  You can choose from 11 different sizes, and they are all self seal mailers.  They are each lined with 3/16” thick bubbles to protect your precious items from damage during shipment.  The kraft part of the title must refer to their nice shade of cheesy yellow.  Although I just made that up and that is probably not accurate, I like to think of it that way.  The white bubble mailers are the exact same thing as the kraft, however they do not make you think of Cheez-Its when you look at them.  The white poly mailers have a water proof and tear proof exterior.  So in case you never knew, there are water proofed bubble mailers.  Take that tropical storm Erika!  Last but not least, the site offers decorative bubble mailers.  Spice up your package to match the holiday or season, or even give someone a good laugh with the Emoji decorative bubble mailer.

The important aspect of the various types of bubble mailers is to choose the one that best suits the product you are shipping.  If it is an electronic, you probably want to go for the white poly mailer.  If it is a gift, spring for the decorative mailer.  Whatever need you have, can fulfill it with their wide selection of cheap bubble mailers.  Head there now to check out the options as well as find any other packing and shipping item you may need.  Order before 1PM EST, and your shipment will be made the same day.

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