Friday, 18 September 2015

Where to Purchase Bin Liners

If you are in the packing and shipping industry, or know someone who is, or have ever received a package, or are a human being that breathes air, than you understand why bin liners might be a useful tool when shipping items.  Bin liners are plastic bags designed to line the inside of boxes to protect from dust, insects, and especially from moisture.  As most of you know, cardboard is not waterproof.  If you add enough moisture to cardboard, you are going to end up with a pulpy mess.  Although there are stronger forms of cardboard boxes out there that do a better job at resisting moisture (i.e. corrugated boxes aka gaylords), I have yet to see a full on water proof version.  This is why bin liners are useful, especially when mailing items such as beverage containers.  What happens if for whatever reason the contained beverage comes loose?  Without a bin liner you could have a real mess on your hands.  What happens if a small mouse chews his or her way through the bottom corner?  A bin liner would add extra protection to keep that little guy or gal from full on making a home inside that box full of goods.  And what about dust build up?  With bin liners, forget it.  The dust does not stand a chance.

Where do you purchase bin liners?  If I were asked today to go out and find a bin liner, I would probably twiddle my thumbs for a solid 5 minutes while I thought really hard.  I would then grab a turkey sandwich, because sometimes my brainpower is better if I am chewing simultaneously.  On the last bite of my sandwich, I would then deliberate between making a second sandwich or saving myself the calories and just asking my good friend.  My good friend, just so you guys know, is basically everyone’s good friend.  His name is Google.  Google would then tell me the best, most affordable place I could either physically go to or what site to visit in order to purchase bin liners.

Two sandwiches deep I decided to take the plunge for you guys.  Google, as usual, did not let me down.  Siri, on the other hand, is a constant disappointment. She is part of the reason why I have trust issues, but thats besides the point.  Google led me to an awesome site called  The site is an online retailer featuring over 5,000 unique and hard to find packing and shipping supplies, including bin liners.  The best part is is that they are affordable without compromising on quality.  You can order in bulk to cut down on cost, and choose from over 75 different sizes.  In this situation, size does matter folks.  So make sure you choose the proper size bin liner for your gaylord, and protect those goods during shipping with quality bin liners from

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