Sunday, 27 July 2014

The Importance of Aluminum Foil Tape in Various Industries

Many of us are not aware of the many uses of aluminum foil tape. It can be used in HVAC, electrical, and construction industry. It is also widely used in jobs that require chemical and moisture resistance, flame resistance, thermal conductivity, weather ability, and heat and light reflectance.

Uses of aluminum foil tape
There are various styles of tapes available in the market. This includes line-less, acrylic adhesive, flame resistant aluminum glass tape, and polymer coated tapes. An aluminum foil tape that has acrylic adhesive is used to seal off vapors in sheet metals, fiberglass, and duct board. It is also ideal to use in HVAC system because of its cold water acrylic adhesive that enables the tape to adhere well even during period of high humidity and low temperature. The line-less type of aluminum foil tape is used in refrigeration duct bonding because of its water-based adhesive. Also, it can be used in sealing air duct and joining seams and connections.

The extra thin, aluminum foil tape type is ideal for electronics because it is lightweight and easy to handle. There are high performance tapes available for more demanding applications. These conditions require environmental resistance such as aerospace, construction, appliances, automotive, transportation, and maintenance and repair.

An aluminum foil tape is also used on joints and seams of fiberglass and backed duct board. The tape’s rubber based coat serves as an excellent barrier to avoid vapor. It is also use for covering and shielding thermal insulation. There are brands of aluminum foil that were engineered with a long lasting and pressure sensitive kind of adhesive that exhibits superior bonding even when exposed to elevated or sub-zero temperatures. They enhance appearance and show remarkable flame retardant properties and stay flexible.

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