Saturday, 3 October 2015

Custom Shipping Bags, Bags, and more Bags!

Have you ever heard of dunnage bags?  If you are like me, just an average everyday laymen, you probably haven’t.  It turns out that dunnage bags are used to stabilize loads.  Allow me to explain.  If you have some pallets of stuff that need to be delivered, but you don’t have enough to make sure that everything stays good and tight, and that nothing knocks into each other or shifts about, you would use dunnage bags.  I don’t know why they have to be called dunnage bags, and why they can’t just be called bumper bags, because they are exactly like the bumpers at the bowling alley, and they more or less do the same job.  However, the nifty thing about these clever contraptions, found under custom shipping bags at, is that they are made out of plastic and not vinyl, so they weigh less, which means that someone is going to save some money.  Offered in many different shapes and sizes, the only accessory you need is an inflator gun.  If you think you may not need an inflator gun, let me put it this way: 30 seconds by inflator gun or 3 days by mouth.  Take your pick. 

If you are looking for some other kind of custom shipping bags, look no further.  Have you finally opened up that cigarette shop you’ve been dreaming of starting?  Look through the paper shopping bags, a classy version of the plastic kind, because you want to be able to put those little sacks of tobacco and papers in a bag that won’t crush them and will give people a bit of an ego boost at the same time.  There are frosted merchandise bags, so you can make up sample sacks.  Frosted shopping bags, frosted eurototes, paper eurototes… basically offers any kind of custom shipping bags you could possibly need or ask for.

What are the odds that you would need some bin liners?  Or some ice bags?  Do you own your own newspaper?  Do you own a dry-cleaning store?  Do you run a bakery? has all of these custom shipping bags: newspaper bags, garments bags, bread bags.  If you aren’t in need of the actual bags, consider some of the accessories, like the bag dispenser stand, or the bag sealer, or packing list envelopes or even foam pouches.  On the off chance that you aren’t interested in all of this newfangled material, you can order yourself some plain old, straight-up garbage bag liners and save yourself a trip to the store. 

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