Saturday, 31 May 2014

Do-It-Yourself Candy Packaging Design

Candies can be an excellent gift, especially if you are planning on giving them to several people. These treats could also be a great addition for birthday parties or buffet. Of course, these treats should not only taste delicious, it should also look delectable. Listed below are a few candy packaging design ideas to keep your candies in good condition while making sure it looks as mouthwatering as it tastes.

When it comes to shipping candies, the book called “Candy making” stated that they ship well. Sturdy candies can hold their shape without breaking or crushing. However, these treats can also absorb moisture and will eventually be affected by heat; thus, it is very important to consider using high quality packaging materials when you’re putting together your candy packaging designs. Packaging materials can be bought from a trusted and reliable packaging and shipping supplier, such as

·        Conflicting Tastes – You might be thinking of packaging different types of candies together. But before you go through that, you should know that these candies might have conflicting tastes. For instance, if you are packaging peppermint-flavored candies with peanut butter candies, the latter will taste horrible in the long run. If you are looking for candy packaging ideas for different flavors of candies, you should consider packing them in separate containers. Although this could get expensive, there are packaging suppliers, such as, who are willing to offer discounts for wholesale purchases.
·        Packaging Material – Another thing you should know is that there are certain packaging materials that could alter the taste of candies. Have you tried putting candies or chocolates in a cardboard box? After being inside the box for too long, the candies or chocolates might take on the taste of the cardboard. Avoid such scenario at all cost. When considering candy packaging ideas, you should first sample your candies then test different packaging methods. Keep the sample candies in different packaging materials for at least a day then perform a taste test.
·        Festive Presentation – When you’re thinking of candy packaging ideas, you should not forget the design of the packaging material. Of course, you would prefer that the packaging of your candies would match its wonderful taste. There are various ways to add design and flare. For instance, you can add ribbons or you can place the small candies in colorful cupcake liners. You can also ask your packaging supplier what other options they can offer you.
·        Another one of the many candy packaging ideas is to add ice packs when shipping candies that might melt. For instance, if you are thinking of shipping chocolate-based candies, you should add ice packs. Another option is to use a lightweight but festive container, then bring your packaged candy to a UPS store. The store will place additional packaging and appropriate labels for you.

These are just a few candy packaging designs you can use when you’re thinking of shipping candies. Packaging and shipping candies – whether as gifts or for retail, should be considered thoroughly because some candies might be altered in taste or they might melt if the wrong packaging materials are used.

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