Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Candy packaging Ideas for a Sweet surprise

Loved by every age group, and gifted to our sweet ones alike, candies hold a special spot in one’s heart. The ultimate way of expressing your love, no wonder you see a horde of them during Christmas and valentine. With so much love around, the candies need to be presented in a beautiful way. Sometimes, the candy packaging is more attractive than the candy. Some people save the attractive packaging, and distribute the chocolates, if one is kind of watching one’s weight. There is no definite excuse for not distributing candies. Everyone enjoys receiving gifts and sweets over the holidays and with creative candy packaging ideas, one can add a personal touch to their gift.

You should make sure that your candies or cookies or chocolates or cakes or… well it is getting out of hand here, but you get the point – your delicacies, hours and hours of hard work should look as good as the amount of work put on it. There are many candy packaging ideas that one can utilize. For example, a simple way could be to put your candies in a wooden box covered with a colored paper or you can recycle egg trays by adding a bit of a color and decorate them to arrange your chocolates. You can also fill jar with cookies and tie up a decorative ribbon on the lid. You can stack candies in a pretty saucer or a colorful bowl, thus giving away two gifts as one.

Likewise, competition between candy retailers is constant, and it is important to come up with new candy packaging ideas to attract consumers. Packaging should be quirky, ideal for your brand, and catch one’s eye at a glance. A creative visual design on one’s packaging can make a huge difference while selecting between two or more same products of different brands. There is a reason to why much attention is given to the packaging, children being the main consumers. Not to mention, we adults still have a weakness for the sweet tooth despite of several attempts to curb it, children tend to get attracted to pretty packaging and remain loyal to that brand because of its unique packaging.

Elegant and sophisticated candy packaging ideas are also doing the round while the fun ones being the most popular. There are limitless options to which candy packaging can be given a new face. Colorful designs which capture the user’s imagination are the ones that are most popular. Some creative packaging lures you into temptation.

All you need are a few things such as colorful paper, ribbons, pretty baskets, or containers and can also use festive bags. Adding personal touches like a key chain, a handmade item, or a sewn doll can make your present look more precious. Use old tins to store cookies, spray paint them. Using a Pringles can covered with a scrapbook paper to store your candies, is also a good idea. Either made from simple household items or bought from a store, new candy packaging ideas are always welcome and appreciated by the mass.

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